Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: Light a Candle for the Beast by Echo Shea


If you’ve ever been caught in a riptide, pulled down into the water, then you know me. Or, more accurately, what I’m like when I’m angry.

Delia was beautiful, smart, and kind. He wasn’t. He said he loved her, but he didn’t know what love was. He was manipulative and cruel—more than a thief. A beast.

All she wanted was a rose… 

These are the words on my sister’s grave. Her sadness, her obsession, forever a reminder I didn’t--couldn’t save her.

I’m not vindictive or cruel. I’m simply as the river--my memory is winding and my reach is long. I watched him steal her beauty, her essence. Watched him become a beast. He thought he'd get away with it, thought he'd go free.

I lay a rose upon my sister's grave.

Light a candle for the beast.

4 out of 5 Stars

Let me start by saying that I was intrigued by this book after reading the synopsis and it did not disappoint! It is a quick read and I was able to read it within a day, which is right up my alley considering I have two little ones to chase around. It was nice to be able to finish a book in one sitting.
This story hooked me from the beginning. I'm not sure if it was because of the strong writing or if it was because of my love for the Beauty and the Beast story, maybe even a mixture of the two. It's always been one of my favorites so to read a story that puts it's own unique spin on it was great. 
I'd most definitely recommend this to all Beauty and the Beast lovers out there. Even if you aren't, I say give it a shot. This story has a completely different perspective on the situation, I loved it. I'll definitely be reading Echo Shea books in the future.

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