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Synopsis and Excerpts- Not Alone by Chantal Bellehumeur

Not Alone, By Chantal Bellehumeur:


Harmony Goodhumor didn’t always get along with her younger sister Katherine, but the girls became close after their mother’s death. When Harmony moved to another city for university, she missed Katherine very much. The girls tried to be there for one another as best as they could whenever a personal problem would occur, but there was only so much they could do for each other. There came a time when Harmony started feeling depressed and alone. One summer, Harmony decided to go visit Katherine in her new home. During her short trip to Moncton, New Brunswick, Harmony did more than just spend time with her sister and something unexpected happened during an excursion. When Harmony returned home, she started missing Katherine again as well as other loved ones. But, during her moment of blues she makes the realisation that she is not as alone as she feels. (Although highly inspired by Chantal's trip to New Brunswick and her feeling of loneliness, this is a work of fiction.)

Available as paperback or e-book on Amazon -->HERE<--

Excerpt from Part one 

Hi. My name is Harmony Goodhumor. Before you ask like most people I meet, yes I like to live in harmony with others and am generally in a good mood. However, as I am human and therefore not perfect, I don’t always live up to my name definition. From time to time I am in an unpleasant mood and sometimes get made fun of because of it. I will admit that I had problems living harmoniously with one particular person in my youth. Wow! The last part of my statement just made me feel really old! I actually just celebrated my thirty second birthday and hope to live until I am about triple my current age. Anyways, my younger sister Katherine and I did not always get along when we were kids. In fact, we argued a lot. Most of our arguments were about movie rental selections, and the uncleanliness of our playroom or the small bedroom we shared. Sometimes we would cause scenes over stupid things, like the fact that one of us looked in the other’s window during a long car ride or even went over the invisible line of the middle car seat that separated our sides. I always sat on the left and Katherine sat on the right. We shared the middle seat and were pretty anal about our spaces. Not even our toys or books could go over the other’s side without us arguing. We would also annoy each other by placing the tips of our fingers close to the other’s face. When we would yell out “Stop touching me!” the other would say matter of factly “I am not touching you.” We drove our parents nuts. Of course, they always told me to show the example because I was the oldest and it irritated me. My sister seemed to find it amusing and always stuck out her tongue at me.

As we grew older though, Katherine and I started appreciating each other’s company and became closer to one another. I think the fact that our mother died when we were children made us realise how important it was not to take your family for granted. I was fourteen and my sister eleven years of age when we found out that our mom had cancer. It was a complete shock to us both, and to our father as well. My mom just went to a doctor’s appointment and came home with the bad news. We all thought that she would fight it, but the disease had already spread too much by the time it was discovered so the chemotherapy treatments didn’t do anything to improve her well-being. It seemed to just make her sicker and lose all her beautiful long black hair. My mother died six months after her diagnosis, at the age of forty-five. I was holding her hand in the hospital when she took her last breath. I don’t remember ever crying so much in my life. I don’t think I ever saw my sister cry so much either, and she used to be a real cry-baby. My father tried to be more discreet about it, but he wasn’t fast enough in wiping his first tears. Katherine and I told him it was okay for him to cry in front of us, something we had never seen him do. He ended up crying a river just like us.

Excerpts from Part 2

……….. I had trouble getting up Sunday morning after my alarm went off, but was highly motivated by the fact that I would be reunited with my sister soon. The fact that the weather report announced a sunny and cloudless day made me confident that we would get on a plane this time. Everyone was a bit slow at getting ready because we were not fully awake. When I saw that it was time to go, I urged Andrew and Christian to get their things and put their shoes on. Our taxi arrived before we made it to the lobby so when we saw it in front of our building we ran towards the white vehicle with our luggage. Once at the airport, we repeated everything we had done on Friday evening with three exceptions; we picked up caffeinated beverages, didn’t need to dry ourselves because we were not wet, and we actually boarded a plane this time. I stopped at one of the airport’s coffee shops to get a hot chocolate for Andrew as well as a vanilla flavoured coffee for myself. Christian didn’t want anything. He isn’t a coffee drinker and wasn’t in the mood to drink anything except cold water. He filled his water bottle at a drinking fountain. We could see the sun shining brightly outside by the time we got to our boarding gate and were all smiles. There were no visible reasons not to fly. Suddenly, an ear piercing alarm went off. Everyone looked at each other, unsure what to do. No announcements were made and none of the airport employees gave us instructions. They all just went about their business as though they could not hear anything unusual. It took a while for the noisy alarm to get shut off and we never found out exactly what the problem was. Many people were curious and I heard some of them ask a stewardess at our gate what had gone on. She calmly said something about an emergency door. I assumed that nothing was wrong with our flight and all that mattered to me was getting on a plane to Moncton. When the boarding announcement was made, I jumped up excitedly. We were finally leaving! I mean, REALLY leaving!


Landing went as well as the entire flight. We got out of the plane in a hurry, but I took the time to take a quick picture of the aircraft as a souvenir before walking into the airport. After getting our suitcases, we walked as fast as we could to go meet my sister.

Unfortunately, she was nowhere in sight. Not many people were at the airport so we just headed to a café located right in front of the only entrance. A few seconds later, I saw my sister walking alongside a casually dressed man who had short black hair. I presumed it was Daniel. I excitedly ran towards Katherine and was greeted with open arms. We both gave each other a tight hug. Remembering where I was and that there were other people around, I let go of my sister. Andrew gave his aunt a big hug too, and then formal introductions were made. I introduced Katherine to Christian and Katherine introduced us all to Daniel. “I forgot to park the car,” Katherine admitted once everyone had said hello to each other. Daniel started laughing. I didn’t understand what my sister meant so I asked her to explain. “I was so excited about picking you up that I started getting out of my car before shifting my gear and setting the parking brake in place.” Andrew and I laughed at that, ignoring Christian’s concerned look, and we started heading towards the exit.


At Cape Pele, we carefully hiked down a small rocky hill, walked near the ocean tide, and climbed many huge rocks. The view was breathtaking, especially when the sun started setting because the rays glittered on the water. I stopped for a moment to close my eyes and take a deep breath of fresh air. I realised it smelled lightly of fish. I became more aware of the noises around me, which included nagging seagulls and the blowing wind. The sound of water heavily hitting the large rocks was pleasant. Christian took my right hand, which was pleasant as well. Christian and I took a moment to cuddle together. Katherine and Daniel did the same. I saw that Andrew felt a bit adventurous. He dipped his feet into the water and began to walk towards a boulder. He made it, but lost both of his green flip-flops in the process. I ran and quickly fished them out of the cold water before the tide could bring them further into the ocean. I then went to get Andrew from the boulder because he was afraid of losing his footwear again but did not want to walk directly on seaweeds. He didn’t like how slimy the marine algae were. It reminded him of worms. To be honest, I was never a fan of the texture either.

Doing my best to ignore the gooey plants that brushed my sandaled feet as well as the bottom half of my bare legs, I told Andrew to get on my back. I carefully gave him a piggyback ride to the shore, realising how heavy he was now. He is not fat. He just grew so much and I remained short and skinny. As we continued our pleasant walk, we found a few curious openings in the massive rocks, many snails, broken oyster shells, and of course sand. Andrew wanted to bring some of the reddish granular substance home, so I gave him a small zip lock bag to fill. I

had brought it with me just in case I found some nice seashells since I collected them. The only ones I found had holes in them so I tossed them back on the uneven ground. Before it would become too dangerous to walk around the rocky grounds we headed back to the car, taking the time to admire the stars and shiny moon in the darkening sky right before getting inside the vehicle.


Nothing compared to the high tide of Hopewell Rocks though, starting with our first lookout. The grounds that looked cracked earlier could not be seen. A mass of water covered it all. “I told you it would look quite different, didn’t I?” Annie said.

“Now, remember how there was no water at all there before?” Annie asked us. We all nodded. “Now that you have seen the low and high tide of this part I can tell you my story, which is funny now but really wasn’t at the time.” Annie then explained how her and three of her friends had ventured far out onto the dry land and then noticed that the tide was coming in. “We started walking back but realised that we would never make it to the shore before the high tide. We knew we would not be able to swim once the water rose because it was too far and the water is freezing which would have led to hypothermia. So, we escalated some high rocks and waited until the tide came and went.” Annie gave a little chuckle and added: “As I said before, this happened way before I became a tour guide. I am much more experienced now.” She had definitely proven that.

With Annie’s story in mind, we took the small shuttle that looked like a golf cart down the foresty hill like we had done in the morning.

When we got to the lookout, we could see several people in yellow kayaks floating in the water where we had walked around earlier in the morning. We could not go all the way down the stairs unless we didn’t mind getting wet. Who knew where the crab Andrew had found was now. All the seaweeds we had seen where now covered and completely out of sight. So was the large opening between the flowerpot rocks. “The water has now reached fifty feet,” Annie said.

I think I must have stood with my mouth partially open for quite a while. I had seen pictures of the low and high tides of Hopewell Rocks, but being on site was something else. It was amazing!

COVER REVEAL: Jayde (Behind the Words Series) by Savannah Stewart


For months now Jayde Kimberland has been touring from city to city with her best friend, Arianna Moore, as The Daughters of Darkness. Living the dream most musician would kill for, they were known as the opening act for the platinum selling rock group, From Yesterday.
With Arianna battling demons of her own, Jayde found what she thought was her Prince Charming within rocker bad boy, Cash O’Brien. As the tour came to a close, the distance between them pulled like the tuning key turning to tighten one of their guitar strings. When Nate Daniels walks back into the picture, she’s faced with the possibility of having the life with the man she loved years ago or trying to hold onto a reckless, Cash.
Everywhere Jayde turns she is hit with a curve ball, shattering everything she tries to build. But one person is there to help pick up the pieces no matter what. But as tragedy reveals its ugly head, she finds herself lost, lonely, and confused on what the future may hold. Will she be able to let go of the past and find happiness within her future or will she have to forever deal with the shattering effects of a love long gone?
My black lace dress clung to my soaked body as I sobbed uncontrollably against the old oak tree. With one hand pressed against my heart I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, trying to remember the last thing he had said to me. “I love you, Jayde, with all my heart. Give Sawyer a kiss for me, I’ll be home after the show.” My body continued to heave as my knees gave out and I crumbled to the ground. The sky roared with thunder and lightning; usually I would have been scared shitless to be out in this stuff but right then I didn’t care what happened to me. I just wanted it all to be a horrible dream…and I would wake up with a racing heart but find him beside me in our bed instead of buried in the ground.
“This can’t be real!!” I wailed loudly into my hands, where my head was now resting. I had no energy to lift my body from the ground, not that I wanted to. But if I didn’t get out of the storm I would most likely be sucked up into it. I remembered losing my parents at a very young age but the one thing I did not remember was how badly my heart ached from having someone ripped from your life at the drop of a hat.
Everything was perfect…too perfect. Any time in my life when things seemed to fall together, something had always come along to wreak havoc and remind me that my life would never be perfect. I should have gone to the show; if I was there…I could have stopped it from happening and we would be together…in our home. One big happy family.
“Baby girl…” That voice cut right through me. Was it bad of me to want to allow him to help me? After everything he had done…and after everything I had done? I didn’t even bother to look up; I continued to pour every ounce of emotions I had out through my tears and onto my soaking wet self. “Let me get you out of this storm…You’re going to be sick and Sawyer needs you.” He scooped me up into his arms; the warmth of his skin caused me to gasp. I circled my arms around his neck and rested my head against his shoulder. “I know this sounds cliché and I’m fucking horrible with words…but it’ll get better with time, Jayde. I promise you…” His voice was thick with emotion.
His kindness only caused me to cry even harder. I was a horrible person…I didn’t deserve happiness, and I definitely didn’t deserve him being kind to me right now. I heard the car door open just before he lowered me into the passenger’s seat. When the door shut I finally looked at him through the rain streaked window. His hair was shorter than usual but my heart still fluttered uncontrollably at the sight of him. What the hell is wrong with me? I shouldn’t feel this way, not today… I curled my legs up into the seat with me and wrapped my arms around them tightly. Resting my head against my knees I stared out the front window as the driver’s door shut.
“Is there anywhere you want me to take you?” His voice was just above a whisper. Without moving my eyes from the front window I shook my head no. “Do you want to go home?” Home…Where all the memories were… The thought of walking back into that house caused a horrible sob to rip from my chest. Wasn’t there a limit of tears a person could produce? I buried my face into my knees to ride out the emotional rollercoaster I was on yet again.
“I’m staying at Aria and Bryden’s place while I’m in town. How ‘bout I take you there?” I didn’t respond, after a few long seconds I felt the car shift into gear. He pulled his jacket from the backseat and draped it over me. I hadn’t realized my body was shaking so badly until then. I rolled onto my side facing the door, gripping the jacket tightly around me, and fell into a silent cry, the kind where your body shook aggressively but you didn’t produce any noise. I felt his warm hand touch my arm lightly causing even more goose bumps to run across my skin. “Seeing you like this is killing me right now…” His hand ran up and down my arm briefly before it was gone and the coldness was back.
Savannah Author Pic
I am very much a Leo, I currently don't have any children, but my dog Jack might as well be one! I'm a Book-a-holic who loves music, tattoos, photography, singing, acting, writing, & laughing. One of my favorite quotes is "Love is the beauty of the soul." Hopefully one day I will be able to travel to all the places I am dying to see!! Thanks for stopping by! :-)
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RELEASE DAY BLITZ! That's a Lie by Victoria Klahr

That's A Lie

Author: Victoria Klahr

Release Date: March 25, 2014

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Add It: Goodreads


Seth is back.

When he walked back into my life, it almost felt like the pieces of my broken heart could be fixed. I thought we could go back to being best friends, but then I started to feel what I had been blocking out for years. I tried. Boy, did I try! But once I started to let him in, I wanted nothing more than to cross that line from friendship into something more…

Just when I think I can move on and let myself be happy, an ugly reminder from my past comes storming in and threatens to destroy the sliver of hope that's been growing since Seth came back.

Do I even deserve to be loved?

“I’m not asking to fix your heart. I’m not asking to mend you. I love each and every shattered piece of you. I’m asking that you let me love you. Let me love each piece of your broken heart, and I swear to you I will make up for every heartache you have ever experienced.”

I came back for Josie.

I knew I'd have to fight for her, but with the loss of her dad and the truth about what happened with her and Blake, I quickly realized that making her mine was going to be a lot harder than I first thought. The problem is, I can’t pretend like she’s just my best friend. I can’t pretend I don’t want more.

I'm willing to do anything to get her to admit she has the same passionate feelings for me, because I know once she opens up and stops lying to herself, I can show her what it really means to be loved. It's a battle of wills, but my love for her is stronger than her will to stop me.

So I fight for her. I fight because I know she deserves it.

Where to Buy

That's A Promise (Promises Promises #1)

*Free March 25 and March 26

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU

That's A Lie (Promises Promises #2)

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU

About the Author
Victoria Klahr (pronounced like “Claire”) lives in Elizabeth City, North Carolina with her husband and daughter, Stephen and Alexis. She loves her chug (Pug/Chihuahua), Bandit, and three year old to pieces. She loves to stay home and take care of them, even if they do drive her insane at times. She is a huge and proud book nerd who looks at her bookshelf in admiration daily. She has her Associate’s degree in Business Administration, but her passion has always been the stories that talk to her in her head. One day she decided to take a chance and let the voices write her story. She has never felt more certain or comfortable about who she is than when she writes.

Where to Find Her

Victoria Klahr Writes | Facebook | @Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

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Crazy Maybe by A.D. Justice

*Review at the bottom of this post.

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Crazy Maybe Cover
Title: Crazy Maybe
Author: A.D. Justice
Release Date: December 1, 2012
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s all you need.

Andi Stone is a strong, smart and independent woman, but that wasn't always the case. Andi never knew what a “normal” life was like. Having been raised in foster care from the age of six after the death of her parents, Andi became emancipated at 16 after an especially horrible incident forced her into a psychiatric hospital.

Luke Woods, the family black sheep and street-brawler, is determined to be a successful professional boxer despite his family’s protests. He needs Andi’s help to get there. The wedge between him and his family over his past relationship issues and career choices is not easily overcome. Luke must learn to face his past mistakes and learn to trust again.

Fireworks and passions quickly ignite between Andi and Luke in the midst of the chaos that surrounds and threatens them. She never revealed the secrets and lies from her past, but when she publicly inherits her family fortune, the living, breathing past comes back to torment her and threatens all that she holds dear. Can their love for another survive the blows that their pasts continue to rain down on them?
Crazy Maybe Teaser 2
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Our usual table is inhabited by the usual suspects – Shane, Will, Brandon and of course, Luke. He has his back to me and doesn’t know I’m here yet. So I walk to the DJ booth and tell him to queue up a song for me. I had a few drinks at the pub we just left, I’m pissed and I’m really fucking hurt, so I’m going to take it out on the stage. The song, Just A Fool, is actually a duet between Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, but tonight I’m singing it solo. And I’m singing it with every bit of emotion I have bubbling just below the surface of my cool façade.

The lyrics are perfect for me right now. I obviously feel like a fool because I can’t get over him and I can’t let him go, but I know I should. I feel like I’m weak for wanting him to make this all up to me. For even thinking I could forgive him if he would just do something to take this pain away. Love feels like a cruel joke and no one has hurt me in the way that he has. I just want to forget about love and about him, but somehow he’s in every thought I have and every move I make.

I leave the stage and a friend from the gym I haven’t seen in a while stops me and asks me to dance with him. Another slow song is playing so I step into his embrace and we take the opportunity to catch up. He asks how I’m holding up, knowing how bad my life sucks right now, and I give him a non-committal shrug of my shoulders. Christina taps on my arm and her gaze suddenly shifts and I turn to see what she’s looking at.

Oh. It’s Luke and he is charging forward like a bull, hell-bent on his destination. Which happens to be me at the moment.

“Andi,” he barks at me.

“Yes,” I reply smugly.

I watch intently as he grits his teeth and clenches and flexes his hands. His anger is barely contained and he’s working hard at restraining himself. I know I’m not helping it but I’m no more in the mood to be fucked with right now than he is.

“I need you to come with me,” he finally says.


He nods his head, seemingly understandingly, until I realize that I read him completely wrong. He just decided he wasn’t going to argue with me. In the typical method of the men in my life, he picks me up with ease, throws me over his shoulder, and charges back to the front door. People watch with amused expressions as I scream obscenities at him like a lunatic until he reaches the door. Then I realize we’re going outside and there may be cameras that catch me actually acting like a lunatic so I stop.

“Luke – do not walk out that door with me over your shoulder. I’m in the news enough as it is. I don’t need to add any more to it,” I say in my sternest voice possible. This stops him in his tracks and I know he hears the words I didn’t say – thanks to your family.

He puts me down but doesn’t let go of me. “Then walk with me like a normal person would.”

I sigh heavily, not hiding my dislike of his demand, and respond with the typical pissed-off female response. “Fine.”
Book Trailer
About the Author
A.D. Justice
A.D. Justice has been married for 25 years and has two wonderful sons in college. She is also an avid reader of romance novels and, to her amazement, a self-published author. A.D. enjoys reading many different types of romance books - including drama and suspense, crime and mystery, NA and YA, and contemporary and erotica.
Crazy Maybe Teaser 1
Purchase Her Other Book Today
Wicked Games Cover
1 winner - US winner will get a signed paperback of Crazy Maybe or an international winner will get $10 Amazon gift card

Review (5 out of 5 stars)

Let me start off by saying that Crazy Maybe was voted My Book Inspired Ramblings Book of the Month. That alone should tell you the phenomenal writing that's in this book. I was hooked from beginning to end.

A.D. Justice has a way of capturing these characters personalities and I just want to know more. Not in a way that says she didn't elaborate enough. More so in a way that says "I can't ever get enough!". Andi is, so far, my favorite female book character. She isn't saying how independent she is and then latching on to the first guy she meets. She's stubborn and doesn't take shit from people. Sure, she has her weak moments but she's human. We all do.

I was Team Luke from page 1. He's a H-O-T book boyfriend that you do NOT want to miss out on. (Fans self) Seriously, he's all kinds of goodness.

I was filled with many emotions while reading this amazing story. I went from happy to sad to annoyed to extremely pissed off. (Not in that particular order.) There were moments while I was reading where I said loudly "Are you freaking kidding me?!" <--- That ladies and gentlemen is when you know you have read a great book. If any book can bring out these strong emotions in you and the writing and character development is built with depth to them. 

Overall, I'd read this book again. There are definitely curve balls so be prepared. 

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Unfamiliar by Komal Kant and Erica Cope

Hailey Peters has always held onto the familiar. From the way she wears her hair, to dating her childhood friend-turned high school sweetheart--she sticks with what she knows, and she’s convinced herself that this is what makes her happy.
Chase Lancaster doesn’t play by the rules. He’s a classically trained pianist who rocks out in a punk rock band every weekend, and isn’t afraid of taking chances.
When they are assigned to co-write a song for their college music class, Hailey can’t imagine anyone she has anything less in common with than Chase. She is a sweater-wearing, neat freak, and he is disheveled and rough around the edges. As they spend time together, they both find a place in each other’s lives—a place where they challenge each other to be different and to embrace the unfamiliar.
Hailey never planned for a Chase Lancaster in her life, and she is about to find out that this walking contradiction will change her forever.

Review (non-spoiler)

(5 out of 5 STARS)

Do you want to know what's better than a new release from your favorite author? A new release from TWO of your favorite authors packed into ONE freaking amazing book!

Let me start off by telling you a little back story (I'll make it short... Kind of). I've always been a reader but these last few years my reading has increased A LOT. I usually search around Amazon and look for my next favorite book. I came across Komal's book Falling for Hadie. Although it is the second book in the With Me series, it can also be read as a stand alone. Saying I fell in love with it is putting it lightly. I was crying like a baby when it ended not only because of the way it ended but because there were no more pages. Needless to say, I became a Komal Kant fan. I followed her Facebook page and she had a contest going one day to win In the Shadows by Erica Cope. It's the second book in the Lark series so I made sure to read Lark first (These books shouldn't be read as stand alone's). I was thrown into the world of light and dark Elves and IT. WAS. AWESOME!

Basically, these ladies write amazing books and when I found out they were writing a book together I went fan girl crazy.

With all that said, I had huge expectations for this book but when I started reading, my thoughts on who wrote this amazing story were forgotten temporarily. I was sucked into the lives of Hailey and Chase with no chance at escaping. The characters lives were projected into my mind as a real story unraveling before my eyes. My attention was captured with no hopes of release.

It's a story beautifully told from both Hailey and Chase's perspectives. Hailey is an 18 year old college freshman trying to keep every detail of her life in order even when the realities of her life threaten to deconstruct her carefully put together system she still tries to keep it in control in every way. That is until tattooed muscled hottie Chase comes crashing into her life. At first they can't stand each other, you may even say they hate each other but soon that changes.

Chase is in a pop-punk band and he is a total contradiction. He was raised with his life being lined up for him but he went against the plans his parents set and became who he wanted to be with no cares of his parents wishes.

Overall, I'd say this book is a MUST READ! It exceeded all expectations. You can count on me reading it again.. and again... and probably again and again. The chemistry between the two was captured perfectly. I was laughing and at times getting frustrated. I may or may not have called Chase a douche a few times but he always redeems himself. Hailey definitely has her moments too but as the story comes to wrap up it was all worth it. They are an ideal book couple. They aren't perfect and that's exactly what makes them perfect... If that makes since to you at all.

Purchase Link- Amazon
Facebook Links- Erica Cope and Komal Kant

Also, there is a song in the book that is actually a real song by the real band Get Busy Living! The lead singers name is Chase and he was the muse for the Chase in Unfamiliar. He's also on the cover of the book and most of the book teasers. Just a little fun fact :-)

Facebook Page- Get Busy Living

Here's the video for Unfamiliar by Get Busy Living-

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Love, Lies and the D.A. by Rebecca Rohman

*REVIEW and RAFFLECOPTER at bottom of post
*This post is only to be viewed by those who are 18+

Author Bio

Rebecca Rohman is a wife and designer currently living in the Northeastern United States. 
She was a Sales Manager for a tourist magazine, and for many years prior, she was involved 
in marketing for a jewelry company, and later for a fine wine distributor. 
About fifteen years ago, she started writing her first romance novel, Uncorked, just to purely 
entertain herself. It was not until early in 2012 when she decided to complete it and share it 
with the world. The story was published in February of 2013. Love, Lies & The D.A. is her 
second novel. 


Jada McLean is about to get married in nine days, when she walks in on her fiancé in a little 
more than a compromising position. Days later, she’s on a trip that she intends to be relaxing 
and a prelude to her fresh start, when she runs into the rude, obnoxious, but gorgeous 
Jonathan Kole. 
Jonathan Kole is San Francisco’s newest District Attorney. When he finds himself deeply 
attracted to a stunning beauty, he has no idea that she’s about to get into BIG trouble with 
the law—and he’ll be the one presiding over her trial. To make matters worse, his father is the 
lawyer representing her in the high-profile case. 
When a series of events force them together over New Year’s weekend, Jonathan’s feelings 
and ethics will come into question, while Jada comes to terms with the fact that she is falling 
for the man that will be responsible for attempting to put her behind bars… Little do they 
know, they're both about to fall into a whirlwind so deep, it will send both their lives spiraling 
out of control. 

Their First Meeting

The pretty, young host escorts me to a table for two near a window with panoramic water vistas. Within 
minutes, a server takes my order. As my café latté arrives, I can’t help but overhear a rude exchange 
between a man and his leggy blonde with the host that escorted me to my seat. 
“Look, I reserved that exact seat yesterday,” he says. 
“I apologize sir, but that seat is not available,” the host replies. 
“Well, if you were doing your job in the first place, it would be available to me, wouldn’t it?” 
“Sir, I’m sorry for the error, but it wasn’t written here. If you like, you can wait at the bar where I’ll be 
happy to serve you a complimentary beverage of your choice while you wait, or I can accommodate 
you at an available table now.” 
I can’t help but look to see who this asshole is. 
Everything about him smells of money. From the designer jeans that hug his ass, all the way to the 
Jaeger Reverso watch that graces his wrist. He’s hot—probably in his mid to late thirties, tall, broad 
shoulders, piercing grey eyes, and a head of black hair like I’ve never seen. 
Ordinarily, I might have found him attractive, if only he would just shut up. 
Everything he says to that poor young girl, who has tried so hard to rectify someone else’s mistake, 
pisses me off. He’s been nothing but rude and condescending. As I look up, my eyes land straight on 
his. Then I realize they’re all looking my way. I turn around to look behind me, but there is no one. Then 
it dawns on me that he’s arguing with the host about my seat. 
My meal arrives. I mind my business, and I proceed to enjoy it. Before I know it, I see him approaching 
my table. I pretend not to notice and focus all my attention on my lemon ricotta pancakes before me, 
but within seconds, he stands beside me. 
“Excuse me, my name is Jonathan Kole. Would you mind terribly if you were seated elsewhere?” 
My eyes travel across my pancakes to his broad thighs, to his crotch, and to what I suspect is an 
extremely trimmed stomach beyond his black ribbed sweater. Then I stare into his grey eyes in silence. 
“You see, my girlfriend and I met right here at this table a year ago, and I wanted to propose to her. 

Steamy Excerpt

We finish lunch and watch a movie and some football, complete with popcorn and soda. When the 
sun starts its descent, we head to the hot tub. I am a little nervous. I hope I don’t gawk at him again. I 
slip into a little white bikini, wrap myself in a robe, and head out. 
When I get onto the terrace, I try to ignore the fact that ass-hugging Ralph Lauren trunks cling to every 
inch of his well-endowed front… and back. He steps into the tub, and after I tear my robe away, he 
stretches out his hand and helps me in. I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to this. I can’t 
get hot and sexy images of us having passionate sex in the tub out of my head. 
Since Richard and I broke up, my body has craved sexual pleasure in a way it hasn’t before, but this is 
flipping torture. Sure, I’ve pleasured myself a few times, but there is no substitute for a man who you’re 
physically attracted to who you know knows all the right things to do to you in bed. Sitting opposite to 
him, I close my eyes, sit back, and relax. I hope that I don’t give him a clue that while I lie here, I am 
practically salivating at the mouth and lusting for his sexual pleasure. 
I am just starting to calm down and relax when he raises one of my feet and massages, working his 
thumbs from around my ankle to the arch of my foot and then my toes. My God, I swear this could be 
considered foreplay, because what he is doing to me right now causes all sorts of tension to develop 
between my thighs, along with the tingling sensation that runs down my lower back. 
My goodness. Is he purposely trying to seduce me, or is he completely unaware of what his actions 
are doing to my body? 
Oh, don’t be naïve, Jada. Of course he knows what he’s doing. He’s made his feelings for you 
abundantly clear. 
He moves to my other foot, and as he works, a soft moan spurts out of my lips. I can’t remember the 
last time I’ve been this sexually aroused. I try to remember the last time I was with Richard, and nothing 
comes to mind. Jonathan snaps me back to the present when his hands move from my feet and he 
works his way up my calf. 
Oh God, that feels good. 
I feel like I’m losing control. I want him to make love to me. I open my eyes, and I’m startled when I find 
him staring straight at me. He hooks his arms under my thighs and pulls me towards him. The look in his 
eyes are filled with pure desire. I’m straddling him, and I can feel his erection in the center of my 
crevasse; just a few thin strips of fabric are between us. 

Guest Post by Rebecca Rohman

Love, Lies & The D.A. 
I worked on this book for the last year and the whole time, I could hear my mentor’s voice in my head. 
“Telling not showing,” she’d say, or “I’m not convinced… not feeling it here.” 
With this book I pushed myself, and tried to blow everything I knew I was guilty of with my first book (at 
least during the writing phase), out the park. My aim was to make the reader and my mentor, laugh 
and cry. I want readers to feel happy and sad, and at times I want them to feel angry—I want them to 
experience what the characters feel. 
I’ve always had the most difficult time being funny in my writing and it was something I really strived to 
do in certain parts of this book. I think I’ve succeeded—it’s up to bookworms out there to decide . I’m 
silly, I laugh at my own jokes and depending on my husband to tell me if something was funny or not in 
a romance novel, was a complete waste of time. 
He always gave the same blah response, “It’s cute.” 
Not necessarily what you want to hear when attempting to write a funny scene. 
The scenes where I wanted to evoke tears were the most difficult however. I had to get myself in “the 
zone”. That meant privacy, quiet, soft or no music, then I’d put myself in my characters shoes and I’d 
imagine how they’d feel. 
In some instances, it was as simple as going back to a sad time in my life, but in others, I used my own 
fears— how I thought I would react in a given situation to write those scenes. I thought if I felt what the 
characters did; it would translate to the readers too. When I found myself bawling while my fingertips 
scrambled across the keyboard, I truly believed I would succeed in roping the reader in. 
My aim was to keep readers engaged from page one all the way to the very end. Love, Lies & The 
D.A. will take people through a myriad of emotions—from lighthearted moments, to intense situations, 
from close encounters to steamy love scenes. Readers will laugh, and they will cry. I hope they 
thoroughly enjoy the heartwarming and sometimes heart-wrenching journey that Jada and Jonathan 
go through as they turn through the pages of my book. 

Rebecca Rohman's Pages-

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Review (Non-Spoiler)

(4 out of 5 Stars)

I think Rebecca accomplished what she set out to accomplish. The emotion level of this book was high and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Love, Lies, and the D.A is packed full of drama. It's a roller coaster ride that I just could not get enough of.
This story follows Jada through an edge-of-your-seat journey through heartache, betrayal, love, and devastation. Every word captured my attention and pulled at my heart.
At first I was not a fan of Jonathan as I'm sure not many were. Eventually you see that his intentions are different than what they originally seemed to be. He will capture your heart and be your new book boyfriend in no time.
One of my favorite things about this book are the relationships. There's a depth to each and every one. Jonathan and Jada are both from close knit loving families. Rebecca has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are a part of them.
Some people may consider this a long book but once you start reading, you lose yourself. The pages fly by.

Overall, I'd definitely read Love, Lies, and the D.A. again. It has a little bit of everything suspense, action, love, curveballs (<--- These may have been responsible for a few cursing fits on my part). Loved every word Rebecca! Thank you for letting me be a part of this awesome blog tour!