Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Walker by Michelle Flick

Kate isn’t thrilled to be moving to the middle of nowhere. She's already lost her parents, now she's leaving the only place she's ever known as home. She’s not there long when she realizes her dreams aren’t her own and that she has the ability to walk through other people's dreams. Not only that, but she might have found her dream guy--literally. He's in her dreams.

Just when she starts to get the hang of dream walking, strange murders in her new town start to occur. Girls are being killed as they sleep with no evidence, no suspects and no clear motive behind the deaths. It doesn’t take Kate very long to realize that the girls aren’t just being killed as they sleep—they’re being killed in their sleep.

Kate must figure out how to find the killer in the real world and keep the ones she loves safe while they sleep.

About the author:

Michelle Flick lives in Western New York with her family. She teaches 8th grade ELA and is a lover of coffee, dogs, and music. You can find Michelle on Facebook, twitter and on her blog: www.flickspicks1.blogspot.com

About the dog:

Fergie is real! She is a 5-year-old collie. She hates tiled floors, loves the outside, and is never far from her family members. She is as loving and loyal as the Fergie in the novel!

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5 out of 5 Stars

I absolutely, positively, LOVED this book! What an interesting story line. It literally had me hooked from beginning to end. Where do I even begin?

First off, Fergie is quite possibly my favorite dog EVER. When I discovered that she was real I was legitimately excited, Silly I know, but totally true. Her role in the book is as pivotal as any of the other characters. She's like a human trapped in a dogs body and to find out that she was actually real was pretty freaking awesome.

This book took me back to being a kid. I used to watch the sci-fi (Now "syfy") channel all the time. I was obsessed with anything paranormal. As a paranormal fan, there are some stories where you just think "Yeah right, that will never happen" but there are others where it sucks you in and you are convinced that it's real. Walker is the latter.  It's the type of book that has the right amount of everything. Romance, mystery, supernatural, humor, and confrontation between characters. It's all wrapped up into once spectacular book.

I don't think I've ever hoped for a character to fall asleep as much as I hoped for Kate to. Don't get me wrong, the story line when she was awake was great and kept me guessing but I was on pins and needles wondering what would happen next between Kate and Nick.

I loved that Kate always stood up for herself when it came to Jcru. With a lot of books I have read, main characters aren't typically as upfront as she is and I really admire that about her.

My only complaint for this book is- I WANT MORE! I'm really hoping for this to be a series. I'm curious to know how the story pans out for some of the other characters, Kate and Nick included.

Great job Michelle Flick! It was such a wonderful book!

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