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Love, Lies and the D.A. by Rebecca Rohman

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Author Bio

Rebecca Rohman is a wife and designer currently living in the Northeastern United States. 
She was a Sales Manager for a tourist magazine, and for many years prior, she was involved 
in marketing for a jewelry company, and later for a fine wine distributor. 
About fifteen years ago, she started writing her first romance novel, Uncorked, just to purely 
entertain herself. It was not until early in 2012 when she decided to complete it and share it 
with the world. The story was published in February of 2013. Love, Lies & The D.A. is her 
second novel. 


Jada McLean is about to get married in nine days, when she walks in on her fiancé in a little 
more than a compromising position. Days later, she’s on a trip that she intends to be relaxing 
and a prelude to her fresh start, when she runs into the rude, obnoxious, but gorgeous 
Jonathan Kole. 
Jonathan Kole is San Francisco’s newest District Attorney. When he finds himself deeply 
attracted to a stunning beauty, he has no idea that she’s about to get into BIG trouble with 
the law—and he’ll be the one presiding over her trial. To make matters worse, his father is the 
lawyer representing her in the high-profile case. 
When a series of events force them together over New Year’s weekend, Jonathan’s feelings 
and ethics will come into question, while Jada comes to terms with the fact that she is falling 
for the man that will be responsible for attempting to put her behind bars… Little do they 
know, they're both about to fall into a whirlwind so deep, it will send both their lives spiraling 
out of control. 

Their First Meeting

The pretty, young host escorts me to a table for two near a window with panoramic water vistas. Within 
minutes, a server takes my order. As my café latté arrives, I can’t help but overhear a rude exchange 
between a man and his leggy blonde with the host that escorted me to my seat. 
“Look, I reserved that exact seat yesterday,” he says. 
“I apologize sir, but that seat is not available,” the host replies. 
“Well, if you were doing your job in the first place, it would be available to me, wouldn’t it?” 
“Sir, I’m sorry for the error, but it wasn’t written here. If you like, you can wait at the bar where I’ll be 
happy to serve you a complimentary beverage of your choice while you wait, or I can accommodate 
you at an available table now.” 
I can’t help but look to see who this asshole is. 
Everything about him smells of money. From the designer jeans that hug his ass, all the way to the 
Jaeger Reverso watch that graces his wrist. He’s hot—probably in his mid to late thirties, tall, broad 
shoulders, piercing grey eyes, and a head of black hair like I’ve never seen. 
Ordinarily, I might have found him attractive, if only he would just shut up. 
Everything he says to that poor young girl, who has tried so hard to rectify someone else’s mistake, 
pisses me off. He’s been nothing but rude and condescending. As I look up, my eyes land straight on 
his. Then I realize they’re all looking my way. I turn around to look behind me, but there is no one. Then 
it dawns on me that he’s arguing with the host about my seat. 
My meal arrives. I mind my business, and I proceed to enjoy it. Before I know it, I see him approaching 
my table. I pretend not to notice and focus all my attention on my lemon ricotta pancakes before me, 
but within seconds, he stands beside me. 
“Excuse me, my name is Jonathan Kole. Would you mind terribly if you were seated elsewhere?” 
My eyes travel across my pancakes to his broad thighs, to his crotch, and to what I suspect is an 
extremely trimmed stomach beyond his black ribbed sweater. Then I stare into his grey eyes in silence. 
“You see, my girlfriend and I met right here at this table a year ago, and I wanted to propose to her. 

Steamy Excerpt

We finish lunch and watch a movie and some football, complete with popcorn and soda. When the 
sun starts its descent, we head to the hot tub. I am a little nervous. I hope I don’t gawk at him again. I 
slip into a little white bikini, wrap myself in a robe, and head out. 
When I get onto the terrace, I try to ignore the fact that ass-hugging Ralph Lauren trunks cling to every 
inch of his well-endowed front… and back. He steps into the tub, and after I tear my robe away, he 
stretches out his hand and helps me in. I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to this. I can’t 
get hot and sexy images of us having passionate sex in the tub out of my head. 
Since Richard and I broke up, my body has craved sexual pleasure in a way it hasn’t before, but this is 
flipping torture. Sure, I’ve pleasured myself a few times, but there is no substitute for a man who you’re 
physically attracted to who you know knows all the right things to do to you in bed. Sitting opposite to 
him, I close my eyes, sit back, and relax. I hope that I don’t give him a clue that while I lie here, I am 
practically salivating at the mouth and lusting for his sexual pleasure. 
I am just starting to calm down and relax when he raises one of my feet and massages, working his 
thumbs from around my ankle to the arch of my foot and then my toes. My God, I swear this could be 
considered foreplay, because what he is doing to me right now causes all sorts of tension to develop 
between my thighs, along with the tingling sensation that runs down my lower back. 
My goodness. Is he purposely trying to seduce me, or is he completely unaware of what his actions 
are doing to my body? 
Oh, don’t be naïve, Jada. Of course he knows what he’s doing. He’s made his feelings for you 
abundantly clear. 
He moves to my other foot, and as he works, a soft moan spurts out of my lips. I can’t remember the 
last time I’ve been this sexually aroused. I try to remember the last time I was with Richard, and nothing 
comes to mind. Jonathan snaps me back to the present when his hands move from my feet and he 
works his way up my calf. 
Oh God, that feels good. 
I feel like I’m losing control. I want him to make love to me. I open my eyes, and I’m startled when I find 
him staring straight at me. He hooks his arms under my thighs and pulls me towards him. The look in his 
eyes are filled with pure desire. I’m straddling him, and I can feel his erection in the center of my 
crevasse; just a few thin strips of fabric are between us. 

Guest Post by Rebecca Rohman

Love, Lies & The D.A. 
I worked on this book for the last year and the whole time, I could hear my mentor’s voice in my head. 
“Telling not showing,” she’d say, or “I’m not convinced… not feeling it here.” 
With this book I pushed myself, and tried to blow everything I knew I was guilty of with my first book (at 
least during the writing phase), out the park. My aim was to make the reader and my mentor, laugh 
and cry. I want readers to feel happy and sad, and at times I want them to feel angry—I want them to 
experience what the characters feel. 
I’ve always had the most difficult time being funny in my writing and it was something I really strived to 
do in certain parts of this book. I think I’ve succeeded—it’s up to bookworms out there to decide . I’m 
silly, I laugh at my own jokes and depending on my husband to tell me if something was funny or not in 
a romance novel, was a complete waste of time. 
He always gave the same blah response, “It’s cute.” 
Not necessarily what you want to hear when attempting to write a funny scene. 
The scenes where I wanted to evoke tears were the most difficult however. I had to get myself in “the 
zone”. That meant privacy, quiet, soft or no music, then I’d put myself in my characters shoes and I’d 
imagine how they’d feel. 
In some instances, it was as simple as going back to a sad time in my life, but in others, I used my own 
fears— how I thought I would react in a given situation to write those scenes. I thought if I felt what the 
characters did; it would translate to the readers too. When I found myself bawling while my fingertips 
scrambled across the keyboard, I truly believed I would succeed in roping the reader in. 
My aim was to keep readers engaged from page one all the way to the very end. Love, Lies & The 
D.A. will take people through a myriad of emotions—from lighthearted moments, to intense situations, 
from close encounters to steamy love scenes. Readers will laugh, and they will cry. I hope they 
thoroughly enjoy the heartwarming and sometimes heart-wrenching journey that Jada and Jonathan 
go through as they turn through the pages of my book. 

Rebecca Rohman's Pages-

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Review (Non-Spoiler)

(4 out of 5 Stars)

I think Rebecca accomplished what she set out to accomplish. The emotion level of this book was high and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Love, Lies, and the D.A is packed full of drama. It's a roller coaster ride that I just could not get enough of.
This story follows Jada through an edge-of-your-seat journey through heartache, betrayal, love, and devastation. Every word captured my attention and pulled at my heart.
At first I was not a fan of Jonathan as I'm sure not many were. Eventually you see that his intentions are different than what they originally seemed to be. He will capture your heart and be your new book boyfriend in no time.
One of my favorite things about this book are the relationships. There's a depth to each and every one. Jonathan and Jada are both from close knit loving families. Rebecca has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are a part of them.
Some people may consider this a long book but once you start reading, you lose yourself. The pages fly by.

Overall, I'd definitely read Love, Lies, and the D.A. again. It has a little bit of everything suspense, action, love, curveballs (<--- These may have been responsible for a few cursing fits on my part). Loved every word Rebecca! Thank you for letting me be a part of this awesome blog tour!

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