Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Book Review: Riptide (Sea Swept 0.5) by Erica Cope


Emerge yourself into the mystical underwater world of Kestia.
Where beautiful mermaids and strong mermen live and thrive in peace.
Harmonia and Delia were not only sisters, but they were best friends. Until Harmonia let her jealousy and thirst for power blacken her heart making her nearly unrecognizable as the beloved sister Delia thought she knew.
As a plot against the ruler of Kestia, Merrick and his bondmate Elissa unfolds, Delia has to decide just how strong the bonds of family can be.
When one wrong choice causes chaos and tyranny to erupt in the kingdom, Delia has to decide, does she protect herself or does she risk everything to safe the last glimmer of hope for restoration of peace.

In Riptide you will discover what took place fifteen years ago that set into motion the events of Sea Swept.

**Riptide is the short-story prequel to the full-length novel Sea Swept.**

(5 out of 5 mermaid-a-licious stars) 

A quick review for Erica Cope's YA novella prequel to Sea Swept, Riptide.

I've been excited to start this series and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author. It is a quick read but it's filled with such a great basis for Sea Swept. I look forward to reading more and watching the story unravel. Erica Cope's stories never disappoint! Be ready to dive into another great read! (Pun totally intended).
This is one of those books you can read in one sitting and be satisfied. I will warn you though, you will want to read Sea Swept as soon as you finish. I wanted to.

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