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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway - Unspoken Promises (Unspoken #2) by Gabbie S. Duran

“I promise to never let go...” 

That was Abigail’s unspoken promise to Matt the night she thought she found her happily ever after. But just as quickly, her promise will be put to the test as Matt’s past returns and threatens to tear them apart. 

Abigail may be forced to walk away from the only place she now calls home, unless she can find the strength in her heart to stay and fight for Matt. 

With every unspoken promise made to each other, can they learn to push beyond their past, or will they allow it to split them apart?

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Emily always had a way of making me see the answer to my problems. While growing up, she was always there to lend an ear. Listening without judgment to every single word. I don’t know how many times I depended on her for an answer, and no matter how many times I asked, she always responded.

The day she died, it felt as if she took a part of my soul with her, and I had let her. She deserved it more than I did. It wasn’t until the day Abigail walked into my life that I knew that part of my soul had returned. It’s as if Emily was giving it back to me, knowing I desperately needed it.

Abigail was the light at the end of a darkened tunnel that I was trapped inside of. I had refused to keep walking forward when Emily died, but Abigail finally forced me to take the steps to awaken her. She helped me find the light within myself.

Dropping down to the ground, my knees hit the earth, sending a jolting pain up my legs. I stare down at the grave marker, realizing it’s the first time I’ve laid eyes on it. The elegance of the black marble represents the extravagant taste of her husband’s family. I had blown off their countless phone calls when they had contacted me to help choose the marker. I didn’t care. It would have made me face the reality that she was never coming back. The agonizing disbelief of seeing it brings tears to my eyes.</ div>

I sit there with the silence surrounding me as I allow the tears to fall and the agony takes over me. I miss her so fucking much. I keep wishing that she were still here with me. Just a phone call away like she was before. I’m selfish, I know, but I hate the fact that she’s no longer by my side when I want her to be.

After what seems like hours of sitting there crying alongside her, I somehow find the courage to speak. “I fucked up, Em,” I say crying at her grave. “And I don’t think she’s ever going to forgive me. You always told me that me fucking around was going to come back and bite me in the ass and you were right.” The words come out as a whisper as I continue to speak. “I can’t stand the thought of losing her, as I did you,” I cry down to her, expecting an answer, but all I receive is silence.




Gabbie is a Southern California native, who lives with her wonderful husband, two amazing kids and a senior citizen kitty. When she’s not writing you can find her reading or sneaking off for a run. Some might say it’s a crazy life, but she wouldn’t change anything about it.

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Review By Allison:
Genre: New Adult/ Series Book Two
See my 4 Star review for BOOK ONE (Unspoken Memories) HERE
Rating: 3.5/5 Promising Stars
Brief Synopsis: The books starts off from Matt’s POV and picks up right after Unspoken Memories ended. Matt is faced with consequences of his past choices, and Abi has a difficult time accepting them. This book is written in both POV and is mostly made up of Matt trying to earn Abi’s trust back.
Overall Feelings: I honestly enjoyed book one more than this but still enjoyed this one. I feel like there was a lot of running scenes that were not needed and I got bored with them. I liked that Abi got back into modeling, but hated that Matt tried to be her “assistant” and started to want to control her career (just like her ex). Matt became more controlling I felt, and it didn’t seem swoony like other book men I read. The back and forth seemed to drag on. One minute they were in love and Abi forgave him, but then one of them messed up AGAIN and then they started from square one again. Matt really tried to prove himself in this book, and explain his previous actions, but I still had a sour taste left in my mouth that it was hard to believe. Laura shows up yet again and adds some more drama to the already overflowing filled pot. Add that to her sprained ankle, the model shoot with Kaden, and her crazy ex have one busy book!

Gabbie writes great books, and don’t let the 3.5 stars deter you from purchasing the books. It is a great series and I will read the third book, Unspoken Endings.

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