Monday, August 18, 2014

Review- Sexed into Submission by Julie Bailes

5 out of 5 HOT STARS!!
(Non-spoiler review)

This is definitely the hottest book I’ve read in a while. Not only that, but it also has an original spin to it. I’ve been a fan of Julie since I read Shattered and Shaken. When I heard she was doing a BDSM book, I was counting down the days for its release. I read it in a day.

The story centers around two characters, Ryder and Piper. The chemistry is immediate but Piper is very stubborn about the feelings and cravings Ryder is stirring up inside of her. She doesn’t easily give in.
Although this story has high levels of hotness, the drama factor isn’t far behind. Ryder and Piper both have bumpy pasts and they come out full force in the book.

Overall, I would most definitely read this book again. One of my absolute favorite things about Julie’s writing is how strong her female characters are. All too often in books I notice that female characters play the damsel in distress role. Not her female characters, they’re strong and independent. I absolutely love it!

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