Monday, August 18, 2014

Review- Something Like That by Lori Worley

5 out of 5 Sherlockolicious STARS!

I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review. This review is completely SPOILER-FREE.

This is one of the books I had been anticipating. 

Boy, did it deliver!

The book is in the point of view of Charlotte (aka Charmander). She has a past that makes her second guess every one of her decisions in the present. Primarily, when it comes to relationships and/or her happiness. She went through an extremely dark stage about a year prior to when the story takes place. Things happened, things were broken, individuals were broken.

Charlotte is in the midst of putting the pieces back together when she meets Dylan (aka Sherlock). Their chemistry is undeniable but they have to face certain facts before they can move forward.
It’s a unique story line told with phenomenal writing. Having the ability to write profound words is a gift and Lori has it. I eyes devoured each word, I couldn’t get enough.

Overall, Something Like That is a book I’d recommend to everyone (over 18 of course). Did I mention the playlist??? I’m a playlist whore and, again, Lori absolutely delivered. 

I will never look at these two characters the same again:

Charmander and Sherlock 4 life!

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