Monday, August 18, 2014

Review- This Sky by Autumn Doughton

5 out of 5 STARS!
(Non-spoiler review)

I just finished this book and let me just say- WOW! I feel like no matter what I put in this review it just will not do the book justice. There’s such a poetic spin to Autumns words. It pulls you in and wraps around you in such a way that you’re left in absolute amazement.

The story focuses around Landon and Gemma. Landon is an ex pro surfer. Not because of his surfing abilities but because of his dark past and issues.

Gemma is the ex of a newly famous actor. The circumstances surrounding the break up becomes an internet sensation. Gemma is left broken and looking for a fresh start.

Gemma and Landon’s paths eventually meet and things start happening between them.

The storyline itself drew me in but the fact that Autumn wrote it was the selling point for me. She did not disappoint. Her words were just as powerful and her writing was just as poetic as her other books.
Overall, I will read this again. And again. If I’m being honest it will probably be one of those books that I find my safety net in. You know the ones, where you are in a reading slump so you go to your go to set of books or authors to help you get back in the game. This Sky is one of those. It’s one of those books that you should drop everything you’re doing and READ it. It’s that kind of amazing. Thank you Autumn Doughton for yet another 5-STAR book!

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