Friday, February 21, 2014

Review- Better by Carey Heywood

5 out of 5 Stars!

*This book is a standalone novel and only recommended to those who are over 18.

This book brought out so many different emotions in me. By 5% I was crying. I don't know if I have EVER cried so early in a book. Especially a book that isn't part of a series and I am only beginning to know the characters. Although it starts off extremely sad it becomes more uplifting.

The story follows Aubrey on a Bucket List type of journey. At the beginning of the story she experiences tremendous heartache that ends up setting the wheels in motion for her world exploration. Her parents become worried about her traveling the world by herself so they arrange for Adam to accompany her. Although they start off hating each other it quickly blossoms into something they weren't expecting.

Carey writes such a beautiful heartfelt, at times heart breaking, story that it was impossible for me to put down. I was already a fan of hers going into this but after this amazing book, I'm obsessed. Anything she puts out, I am guaranteed to read.

This story starts off sad but it morphs into an eyeopening story about love, loss, independence, and a woman's journey to finding herself.

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