Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review- Raw by Belle Aurora

5 out of 5 Stars!

Before I get into my thoughts on this book too deeply let me just start off by "Venting" a little bit. Before I read any book I do read a few reviews first. In a lot of the reviews I noticed people were saying how twisted it was and talking down certain aspects of the book. It has an author note on Amazon before you even buy the book. It is not a love story, it is a story about love gone wrong. So, I'm not sure why they'd give it less stars when it clearly states that.

With that said, this book was beautifully written. It was train wreck after train wreck but Belle tied it all together wonderfully. I kept feeling like I shouldn't like twitch at all. I didn't want to. I actually really wanted to hate him but I just couldn't. To be completely honest he was a douche bag and also a sociopath but that made his sweet moments that much sweeter. I'm glad Belle wrote it in his perspective too, the first time I saw his name scrawled across the top of the page I was giddy. Not even kidding, I couldn't wait to see his thought process.

I loved Lexi! She was a very sweet, caring, passionate individual and it shined through with Belle's writing. I understand Lexi's reactions to some situations could be misconstrued as "weak" but I found it to be quite the opposite. People make dumb decisions in the name of love and Lexi is in no exception. She makes plenty of bad decisions in this book but what human being doesn't?

I try to do "nonspoiler" reviews so I won't try to go into too many details about the scenarios. This story is dark and twisted. If you want a happily-ever-after, this is NOT it. Through the entire book I kept wishing it was different but it's not. I'm not disappointed in anyway. Although, I would love it if there were another book in this series.

Overall I'd say, amazing read! I happen to love stories with a dark side, I understand that is not for everyone. I respect that but I LOVED it!

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