Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review- That's a Promise by Victoria Klahr

(4.5 out of 5 Stars)

Wowzers. This book was an amazing read! I could not get enough of it. I would have finished it in one sitting if life didn't keep insisting on interrupting me.

This is the story of Josie who lives through numerous life shattering events. However, the little firecracker that she is, she is able to get up and put forth her best effort into living again. Her friend Seth is there almost every step of the way to help her out. Although, some of those life shattering events test their friendship.

When she finally gets on proper footing with her life she starts going to a new college and that is where she meets her bestie, Brooke, and she also meets hottie, and eventual boyfriend Blake.

Having a tattooed up handsome best friend (Seth) and a gorgeous boyfriend has its perks. But it also has its challenges.

The story begins in present tense and starts to retell all the details to how things ended up the way they did. As things unravel it just gets more and more intense. I always try to guess what is going to happen in a story and I was able to guess a couple of events but that was only because I read something with a small similarity recently. However, I was still just as spellbound by this read. Victoria has a way of sucking you into her book.

I couldn't get enough of these characters. Especially Seth. OMG. Seth. *Sigh* 
Don't get me wrong though, I loved Blake too. 

Not only would I read this book again but I am also tremendously looking forward to the follow up book. Like, OMG, I'm not even kidding. Wait 'til you get to the end. That's all I'm going to say lol

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