Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review- The Lonely Girl by Gracie Wilson

4.5 out of 5 stars

Be prepared for this book to suck you right in!

The story starts off with Becca going through an extremely tragic event that lays out the basis for the rest of the story. She's a very loveable character and although she goes through something no one ever should she still strives to live her life.

I rather enjoyed reading as Becca grew into herself. She starts of a little closed off but as the story goes on she comes out of her shell a little more and those were my favorite moments. She's also quite the spitfire, there were moments when she did exactly what I hoped she would but what a lot of book characters tend to avoid. Such as confronting a certain female character.

Gracie did a beautiful job weaving this story together. I found myself forgetting where I was as I was reading it. That is how you know when you're reading a great book. That moment when you're reading gets interrupted and you have to shake your head and take a minute to realize you aren't actually in the book.

And let's not forget the man candy in this book! They deserve some recognition. Alec, Becca's brother, is the sweetest brother to her. They have a wonderful relationship and it makes me wish I had a big brother like him. Then, there is Keegan, I loved Keegan from the first moment he entered the book. He makes a few bad decisions but ultimately he's still an extremely lovable guy. Last but certainly not least, Jacob or as Becca says "Jakey" *Sigh* he was my favorite :-) I don't want to sway you in one direction or another before you read the book, I will let you decide for yourself. *coughcough*#teamjakey*coughcough*

Overall, I'd totally read this book again! I loved it and I'm highly anticipating the books to come in this series.

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*This book is not yet released. Its release date is on March 1st and as soon as it becomes available for purchase I will post the links.

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